Bayesian methods research group is located in the faculty of Computer Science of National research institute Higher School of Economics, Moscow and Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department of Moscow State University. It consists of 3 postgraduates (including one PhD), 5 PhD students, and 10 students. We carry out research work on the development of new machine learning and Bayesian inference algorithms which take into account the specific features of given problem. We widely exploit Bayesian framework and the theory of graphical models in particular.

An important direction of our work are applied projects from many domains including text processing, computer vision, software code abalysis. During the work over the projects the students gain practical experience of using different algorithms from computer science as well as software engineering skills. We strongly encourage the research activity of students and the publication of papers authored or co-authored by students. Our group is involved in teaching process in Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, and Skoltech.

E-mail: mail@bayesgroup.ru